Ch Camelot's Mistress of the Hunt, ROM

August 1998 - 25 June 2010

Having outlived all of her litter mates, Artemis crossed the bridge to be with her lifelong companion and half-brother Orion. Artie had trouble breathing Friday and was rushed to the vet's where she passed away quietly. In recent months, Artie had started to slow down considerably, yet she retained her zest for her first love, food. She was unparalleled in her ability to outmaneuver humans in order to eat. Artie had a beautiful face and an excellent temperament. She grew to be a beautiful and elegant Ridgeback and a credit to her breed. She loved her human family and was never far from us. Artie had three litters, her first, born near Halloween, was dubbed the Witch Litter because it consisted of eight girls (the odds against this are 256:1). Playful to the very end, she kept up well with her new Ridgeback friend Mocha. She was a Champion and Register of Merit, but most of all our beloved companion and family dog. She will be dearly missed.

Helen Stavropoulos-Sandoval; June 27, 2010

AKC #: HM78058905
Callname: Artemis (Artie)
Sire: Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Maestro, JC
Dam: Ch Camelot Lightnins Flashdance
Whelped: August 8, 1998
Breeders: Clayton Heathcock, Cheri Hadley and Judith Ann Davis
Owners: Helen Stavropoulos Sandoval, Carlos Sandoval & Clayton Heathcock
OFA: RR-6672E43F-PI; RR-EL1501F43-PI; RR-TH499/61F-P1
CERF: RR-735/2003-62

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