Ch Isilwane Back to Camelot

RIP Sheila, 2007-2019

The reigning Camelot matriarch, CH Isilwane Back to Camelot (Sheila), crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Sheila was born in Australia on May 24, 2007, the daughter of Rekaylhan Kwa Red of Ujamaa and Au GCH Camelot’s The Fifth Element. She travelled to Los Angeles from Sydney at the age of 15 weeks, sharing a travel crate with her litter-sister, CH Isilwane Diamond Flush. The two puppies came out of their travel crate completely dry after 15 hours of confinement.

Upon arriving in the US, Sheila took up her life in San Mateo with her American family, Lars Porsmose and Louise Vangsgaard. But being a coownership show dog, she also spent a lot of time at Camelot. She was shown to her AKC championship by David Bueno and has lived full time at Camelot since 2014.

Sheila had a significant impact on our Camelot line. She was the dam of six AKC champions, which earned her place on the RRCUS Register of Merit.

Clayton Heathcock, 13 March 2019

My beautiful sweet Sheila crossed the bridge yesterday. (5.24.2007-3.13.2019) Her body got tired within days. It is an end of an era for me as this is the last of my trio leaving me. A lot of my decisions have been based on the dogs and I am smiling through tears as I am imagining them joining forces across the rainbow bridgeˆ, hunting squirrels, running on the beach,sunbathing, wearing hats for each other's birthdays againð.

Although not jumping on you, Sheila's enthusiasm could to some be a little overwhelming especially when younger, however, she was different in that way, that ever since a puppy, she would know when to settle and give herself a time out. Then wait and read your expression for when it was OK to move again. My bond with her was so much deeper because of that, since I always felt a need to protect her and make sure to look at Sheila's expression when she would give herself a "time-out" to see if she was OK.

Throughout Sheila's life she would suit up and show up for whatever you asked of her, whether it was new experiences, a new handler, a flight to National, puppies, moving-hence the protection.

Sheila hated drama and to much commotion despite her hyper and happy self. It explains why she loved Viking and Rosie, that gave her balance with the older boy she could play with and the older sister who would pretend she was upset with her but really adored her. And later years with only females around her she kept low, however, you would see Sheila race around in the back with the youngsters when a male ridgeback would visit.

It will be so different without Sheila, since I knew no matter what time a day I would get back, she would be greeting me and then leap running straight to my door as if saying; “mommy mommy, we need some alone time, let's go share secrets.

I'm forever grateful to Lisa for letting Sheila join our family in August 2007, and to Clayton for co-owner ship and providing Sheila and I a home these past 4 years. And to Vicki for letting Red's genes pass on in Sheila. I'm thankful her genes have been passed down and wonderful families have the pleasure of enjoying some of Sheila's spirit.

Louise Vangsgaard, 13 March 2019

Registration #: AKC HP285660/01; ANKC 2100254024
Callname: Sheila
Sire: Rekaylahan Kwa Red of Ujamaa
Dam: Au Gr Ch Camelot's The Fifth Element
Whelped: May 24, 2007
Breeder: Lisa Barrenger
Owner: Louise Vangsgaard & Clayton Heathcock
Health Tests: OFA: Hips, RR9515G24F-PI; Elbows, RR-EL3921F24-PI; Thyroid, RR-TH1683/24F-VPI; DM, N/N, RR-DM649/19F-NOPI; CERF, RR-1762 (09)

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