Camolet Health Record Forms

We give our own vaccinations and worming treatments and take the puppies to our veterinarian at about 7 weeks of age for a general physical examination.

When each puppy goes to his or her new home, we send along a health record that contains the important information. We have used various forms, including a generic one and lately ones that we make with our computer and which are tailor-made for each puppy.

Following are some forms we use or have used. Anyone is welcome to modify these forms for their own particular use, or to use the generic form as is.

This is a generic form that can be used to record dates or wormings, vaccinations, other health-related information, and the name of the veterinarian who conducted a general physical exam of the puppy:

General Health Record Form

Here is an example of a litter health record sheet. This is typical for puppies that go to new homes at 8-9 weeks, when they have had only one vaccination and no additional health information that needs to be noted (the general situation for most puppies in most litters):

Sample Litter Health Record

Here is an example of a health record sheet for a puppy who was kept until she was 13 weeks of age. This puppy had several conditions that required treatment, including treatment for a skin infection, a bout of conjunctivitis, and removal of her puppy canines because of an overbite. All of this was noted on her health sheet, along with the basic vaccination and worming information:

Sample Litter Health Record; Additional Information

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