Ch Camelot Bida Brass, JC

CH Camelot Bida Brass brought 10 years of love and laughter into my life. A girl who refused to lure course, do obedience, agility, tracking or any other event in which she 'might break a nail', was unparalleled in her search for food. Numerous loaves of bread, bunches of bananas, packages of thawing meat and anything else she considered edible would disappear from the counter. Fruit on the trees, peas in the pods and strawberries off the vine all were targets of her quest for sustenance. Perhaps her defining moment was when she took the 5 pound bag of flour off the counter and spread in the kitchen and then came in search of me with a totally white head. I will miss her every day and I know from her space under the newly planted pear tree she will be roaming the orchard at night searching for that next meal. May she run freely and eat continuously now she has crossed the bridge.

Sue McNeil

AKC #: HM78058901
Sire: Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Maestro, JC
Dam: Ch Camelot Lightnins Flashdance
Whelped: August 8, 1998
Breeders: Clayton Heathcock, Cheri Hadley and Judith Ann Davis
Owner: Sue McNeill

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