Stella-Dallas Breeding, Summer 2012

Stella || Dallas

Stella is coowned with Tinamaria van der Horst, who until recently lived in Montana. Because there just aren't many dog shows in Montana, Stella came to live at Camelot for a few months this year. My friend David Bueno showed her and finished her with a great major win at the Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty in April. After completing her show career, Stella went back home to Montana. Because the sire selected for her litter lives in Ohio, the breeding was carried out by artificial insemination. Shortly after her pregnancy was confirmed, Tinamaria moved to Crossett, Arkansas, and the puppies were born there on September 29, 2012. The delivery was hard and two of the five puppies were stillborn. The three surviving puppies are a female and two males. They have been annointed with temporary names--Chubby, Darla and Junior (if you remember Our Gang, you are as old as me).

Following are a few photos that Tina Maria has sent me over the first few weeks:

The whole gang

Here is the basket where the pups hang out while their box is cleaned

Mom and scattered pups

Tina Maria napping, covered with puppies