The 'Free-Stack' They Still Talk About

At the 1996 Westminster Kennel Club show, Zulu came out of retirement to win Best of Breed in a tough Rhodesian Ridgeback class that included most of the ranking dogs in the country at the time. In the evening Hound Group, Zulu 'made the cut'. In considering a strong final group, the judge Dr. Indeglia asked each handler to bring his or her dog into the middle of the ring and 'free-stack'. As millions watched on national television, handler Mike Szabo brought Zulu into the most perfect free stack one could ask for. The sight raised 'goose-bumps' on the arms of hundreds of Ridgeback fanciers from coast to coast.

This photograph was taken from the television coverage of the Hound Group. For more information, contact Gay Glazebrook, 11003 Barbarosa, Dallas, Texas 75228.