Camelot Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Camelot's Ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Their Families

From time to time Rhodesian Ridgebacks are born without the ridge. One survey of United States breeders (1204 puppies in 146 litters) showed that 8.9% of the puppies in the sample were ridgeless. Because the ridge is the hallmark of the breed, breeders remove these dogs from the gene pool, sometimes by euthanasia but increasingly by placing the puppies as pets with the assurance that they will be spayed or neutered. We have chosen to find homes for our ridgeless RRs with families who guarantee that they will have the dog spayed or neutered before eight months of age. Following are photos of the ridgeless puppies we have bred, often with their new owners on the day they left our home. All of these puppies are spayed or neutered and we are still in touch with all of their families. Many have already passed away after living full lives.

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Buster & Brutus (later Opie)






Lucy & Emmy


Olive & Opie





Keika & Susan


Shaka Zulu


Max & Kelly


Foster & Kirin



Here is a list of their names:

Tasha; Lynne Roberts (Roseville, California)
Zinj; Nicole Crane (Watsonville, California)
Kenya; Pat & Margaret Cunningham (Palmer, Alaska)
Zoey; Brian Manson & Celine Damonte (Antioch, California)
Leo; Dean & Rita Smith (Sunnyvale, California)
Charlie; Jo Beth Lanier (Legrange, Georgia)
Kumba; Scott & Marie Kirksey (Redwood City, California)
Gracie; Jo Beth Lanier (Legrange, Georgia)
Lucy and Emmy; Larry & Laura Lee Alonso (Larkspur, California)
Max; brown-nosed dog and Kelly; black-nosed bitch; Tom & Melanie Thurman; Jennifer & Carlee (Livermore, California)
Foster brown-nosed dog and Kirin; brown-nosed bitch; John & Debbie Wihera; Bret, Sean & Ryan (Walnut Creek, California)
Piper brown-nosed bitch; Barb Bridwell (Martinez, California)
Maggie; Katrin & John Raasch (Bellingham, Washington)
Tilden; Pamela Brown & Shauna Rajkowski (Kensington, California)
Buster & Brutus; Mark & Ellen Kohagura (Napa, California)
Olive & Opie; Mildred Cho & Mark Shattuck (Santa Cruz, California)
Fiji; Dave & Ashley Moran (Folsom, California)
Reika; Rudolf Mueller & Susan Tanimura (Foothill Ranch, California)
Tuamotu; Alicia & Peter Kafin (Fort Bragg, California)

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