Phoebe x Maestro

The Phoebe-Maestro Puppies

Born August 8, 1998

Pedigree || Phoebe || Maestro

The puppies were born on Saturday, August 8, 1988. Phoebe went into labor during the night and delivered the first puppy at 11:25 am. She continued to whelp throughout the day and the last puppy was born sometime between midnight and 2 am.

Camelot's Mistress of the Hunt (Artemis)
Carlos & Helen Sandoval
Palo Alto, CA
Photo not yet available
Richard & Kristi Irwin
Phoenix, AZ

Ann and John James
San Jose, CA

Jeff O'Brien & Heather Barbieri
San Francisco, CA
For more pictures of Ulee, check out his web site.

Camelot's Perfect Pint (Guinness)
Lisa & Jeremy King
Campbell, CA

Camelot's Ridgeland's Pride (Kai)
Annie & Bill Jamaca & Kaylin
Campbell, CA

Camelot Bida Brass (Bida)
Sue McNeil
Mendocino, CA

Photo not yet available
John Bennett & Jean Calaci
Berkeley, CA

Camelot's Summer Lightnin' (Summer)
Malinda Marmer, Cheri Hadley & Clayton Heathcock
Fairfax, CA