The 2001 Murphy-Bruiser Puppy

The 2001 Murphy-Bruiser Puppy

Born June 3, 2001

Murphy || Bruiser

Murphy was bred by artificial insemination with semen originally collected from Bruiser in 1992 and frozen since that time by the Synbiotics Corporation, of San Diego, CA. Two inseminations were done, one a high vaginal insemination on Sunday, April 1 and one a trans-cervical insemination on Monday, April 2. A total of 12 straws were used for the two inseminations.

As Murphy's pregnancy advanced, we suspected that she would have a small litter because of her size. However, we were sure that she was pregnant because of personality changes and her incredible appetite. In addition, at about the 8th week, we could see and feel a puppy kick occasionally. We took her for radiography on Wednesday, May 30 and discovered that there was just one puppy.

On June 3, nine weeks to the day after the first insemination, at 4:30 am, Murphy woke and began to show signs of labor. She began to have contractions at about 4:45 am and these continued with increasing strength until the puppy was delivered at about 5:15 am.

Photos, June 3, 2001
Photos, June 5-7, 2001
Photos, June 9-13, 2001
Photos, June 18-24, 2001
Photos, June 25-26, 2001
Photos, July 2, 2001
Photos, July 4-6, 2001
Photos, July 14-16, 2001
Photos, July 21-29, 2001

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