Ch Deer Ridge Morganna ROM

December 27, 1987 - December 30, 2000

Morganna was our first Ridgeback. In February of 1988 we attended the Golden Gate Kennel Club show, a benched show that is held in San Francisco at the Cow Palace. At that show we met some Ridgeback people, in particular Ralph and Shirley Batson (Deer Ridge Kennels), who were so warm and friendly that we were drawn to Ridgebacks. The Batsons had a litter with three or four puppies left unspoken for at that time. We went out to see them and picked "Morganna". We had no idea there was something called a 'Standard' for the breed, so we didn't pick our puppy from the standpoint of conformation. In fact, we picked Morganna because she climbed up on our laps and licked our faces.

During Morganna's puppy months, Cheri worked as a laboratory assistant in Clayton's research group at the University of California. Her laboratory was adjacent to Clayton's faculty office, and connected by a 'back door'. Morganna came to work every day and spent the day in her crate in Cheri's lab. She was treated to a great deal of spoiling by the graduate students and postdocs who worked in Clayton's research lab.

As she grew, we visited the Batsons from time to time and they encouraged us to show her. When she was just over a year old, we entered her in her first show, where she went Best of Winners for a four-point major. She earned her championship in just two months, with four majors in six shows.

Morganna racing at Point Isabel off-leash dog park at about 18 months of age.

One of the highlights of Morganna's show career was being selected as the #3 Veteran Bitch at the RRCUS National Specialty in Brush Prarie.

Morganna was bred three times, twice to Ch Calico Ridge The Warlord ROM (Tamerlane) and once to Ch Rusteau of Kwetu ROM (Rusty). Her get included five champions and she won the RRCUS #1 Brood Bitch award in 1993. Morganna's descendents number well over 250 and quite a few have achieved conformation championships:

AM/SA/ZIM Ch Camelot's Technical Knockout
	Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Asset
		Ch Camelot's Hot Cuppa Cash
		DC Dakarai of Camelot
		Ch Camelot's Cash Reward
	Ch Camelot's Follow The Sun
	Ch Centennial Mt Summit
	Ch Centennial Mt Sun Hunter
	Ch Centennial Mt's Sun Princess
		Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Maestro
			Ch Camelot's Bida Brass
			Ch Camelot's Perfect Pint
		Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Sunrise
		Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Tango
		Ch Camelot's Centennial Mt Witching Hour
		Ch Camelot's Cent Mt Mchana
	Ch Deer Ridge Magical Milia
		BIS Ch Deer Ridge Walk The Plank
	Ch Zuluridge Prince Banjul
	SA Ch Delphia TKO Pandemonium Of Nomvuyo
	SA Ch Delphia TKO Uppercut Of Nomvuyo
Ch Camelot's Darlin' Companion ROM
	Ch Westwood Bewitched Samantha,JC
	Ch Westwood Trail Blazer,JC
		Ch Westwood's Camille Cherie
		Ch Westwood's Tavarua
		Ch Westwood's Lucky Buck
		Ch Westwood Cat Master
		Ch Westwood Centennial Mt Blaze Of Glory
	Ch Westwood's Red Dawg
	Ch Westwood's Catch Me If U Can
	Ch Westwood's Jazz Macumba
	Ch Westwood's Ring Master
	Ch Westwood Follow The Master
Ch Jovonna Of Camelot
	Ch Camelot Dot Com
	DC Camelot Call The Wind Mariah SC Fch
Ch Camelot's Bonzai Bomber
Ch Camelot's Lightnin'
	Ch Camelot Lightnins Flashdance
		Ch Camelot's Megan of Rare Mettle
		(Ch Camelot's Bida Brass)
		(Ch Camelot's Perfect Pint)
	Ch Camelot's Hasso Von Chakari
	Ch Camelot's Moonlight Maiden

Five generations of living AKC Champions, June, 2000. (Left to right: Cheri with Morganna; Clayton with Bruiser; Alicia Franklin with Blondie; Tinamaria van der Horst with Maestro; Sue McNeill with Bida).

In her later years, Morganna's responsibility was to educate all of our other dogs, particularly puppies who had the good fortune to join our household from time to time, in the rules of the house. She did this with a stern bark that left no doubt in the mind of even a precocious puppy about who was mistress of Camelot. But they all loved her. Somehow, having puppies in the house always brought out her better side and we are convinced that she lived longer because of it.

Morganna, you have left your mark on the breed and in our hearts. You will be sorely missed at Camelot. Rest in peace.

In one of the stars I shall be living
In one of them I shall be laughing
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing
When you look at the sky at night.

And there is sweetness in the laughter of all the stars
And in the memories of those you love.

(The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Morganna's pedigree.

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