Molly-Gunner "Peanuts" Litter, December 30th, 2015

Whelping Day; December 30, 2015

The Molly-Gunner puppies are here. The last two weeks Molly got as big as a house. We took her for an x-ray and check up on Monday. She weighed 102 pounds, about 30 pounds over her normal weight. The x-ray showed 10 puppies and was clear that they were going to be big. Although her due date was pegged by Dr. Cain as January 2, we elected to schedule a C-section on New Year's Eve because the vet clinic is closed on New Year's Day and we did not want to be hung up if Molly had trouble getting the last puppies out in a normal delivery. Well, she actually went into labor last night and was in advanced labor and was beginning to have contractions this morning so we bumped the C-section appointment up to 10:30 on Wednesday. The 10 puppies were delivered by Dr. Cain in her normal professional manner. There was also an 11th puppy, who had died and was partially resorbed. The are indeed large puppies for such a large litter, weighing in at 15-19 ounces except for one little 11-ounce male. The census is five males and five females, with six definitely correct ridges, two possible single crown ridges, one multiple crown ridge, and one ridgeless. The following photos are taken through the window into the operating room as Dr. Cain delivered them into the world where they were cleaned and examined by a team of techs supervised by the Recovery Doctor, Myrrh Sagy.