Molly-Roko Litter, December 2013

Molly || Roko


Molly and Roko are both Camelot-bred, both born in 2010. They have both been among the top-ranked Rhodesian Ridgeback show dogs for the last two years. In 2013, Roko ranked #2 in all-breed points and Molly was #4 in that category. The breeding was carried out in Topeka, Kansas, at the annual Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States National Specialty. Unfortunately, the breeding was not very successful and only two puppies resulted. They were delivered by C-section by Dr. Janice Cain at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center on December 27, 2013. Both puppies, a female I am calling Topeka and a male I am calling Kansas, are ridgeless. They are very healthy, as is usually the case with a very small litter. At three weeks of age Topeka weighed 6 1/4 pounds and Kansas weighed 7 1/4 pounds (see above photo). Both puppies already have homes.