The Marley-Chip Puppies - Yin/Yang

Puppies born January 7, 2005

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Yin and Yang

Whelping Day

Because of the great success that has been realized by Mojave and Ruger, the two exceptional males from the first Chip-Marley litter (born January 1, 2002), we decided to repeat the breeding. It was a long shot because of Marley's age (8 1/2) and also because the small amount of remaining frozen semen from Chip was of rather low motility. Nevertheless, working with Dr. Janice Cain, our reproductive specialist, we decided to go forward with the breeding. Marley is a big strong girl who can still go on five-mile runs and Dr. Cain's physical exam convinced her that she would be easily able to withstand the rigors of a litter.

The insemination was carried out using the trans-cervical technique on the day that Marley's progesterone level reached 6.5. The pregnancy followed a normal course. At the start of the 5th week, ultrasound measurements show that Marley was pregnant and that there were three puppies. Two weeks later, at the start of the 7th week, ultrasound confirmed that there were three puppies. On the basis of the progesterone level on the date of insemination and careful measurements of the diameter of the fetal vesicle on the first US and the width of the skull on the second US, Dr. Cain predicted a delivery date of January 8-10.

Because of Marley's age, we elected to have the puppies by cesarean section on Friday afternoon, January 7. There were three puppies, two healthy males and one stillborn female. It appeared that the female had died several days prior to the delivery. The two surviving boys weighed 14-15 ounces. One is quite dark and the other is lighter in color.  At present, we are calling them Mr. Dark (aka Yin) and Mr. Light (aka Yang).

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