The Marley-Hadley Puppies

Puppies born December 15, 2003

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Brando, with his new owners, Greg Davies and Elizabeth Rood.

On Monday afternoon, Clayton left work early to take the seven Artie-Uno puppies, six weeks old and having a bout of diarrhea, to the vet for a checkup. We were just checking out when Cheri called (6:40 pm) to say that she had arrived home to find Marley in a crate with a newborn puppy! This is the first time we have actually missed the first puppy, but Marley is a trooper and managed to do it all by herself!

She piddled around for 3 1/2 more hours, having a contraction now and then, and I had just prepared the car for a trip to the vet when, at 10 pm she popped out the second puppy. After that, they came at a pretty healthy clip until she finished at 1:30 am.

Final count is four females and three males. All are ridged and all are black nosed. Preliminary classification is three show potential females, two show potential males, one pet male and two pet females.

The temporary names of the puppies are: Bogart, show male; Bacall, show female; Brando, pet male; Monroe, show female; Fonda, pet female; Hopkins, show male; Hepburn, pet female. Bogart, Brando, Monroe, Fonda, Bacall, and Hepburn all have homes.

For photos, visit the following links:

December 15 (birthday)
December 16 (1 day old)
December 19 (4 days old)
Rear dew claws
December 21 (6 days old)
December 25-27 (10-12 days old)
December 28-29 (2 weeks old)
January 9 (3 1/2 weeks old)
January 11 (4 weeks old)
January 17 (5 weeks old)
January 25 (6 weeks old)
February 7 (8 weeks old - audition)
February 14 (9 weeks old - Hepburn & audition)
February 21 (10 weeks old - Bacall goes home)
February 28 (11 weeks old - Fonda goes home)

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