The Marley-Hadley Puppies

Puppies born September 28, 2002

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Friday, September 27, brought a dilemma. We thought Marley's puppies would come on Monday (63 days from breeding) or maybe on Sunday. Clayton had agreed to go to Carson City, Nevada, to take Uno and Rosie for weekend dog shows and to have dinner Saturday night with professional friends. Friday morning Marley did a lot of nesting, in general acting like a mother who is ready to whelp. However, after breakfast she settled down and went to sleep, so we thought she had just been practicing. Therefore, Clayton decided to go ahead to Carson City--Cheri would stay home to take care of the rest of our canine family, and if needed, to assist Marley in whelping the litter.

To make a long story short, Marley began to be restless in the late evening and at 2:25 am on Saturday, she delivered her first puppy. There were six in all (one female and five males) but one of the males was stillborn. The five puppies who survived all weighed about 15 ounces, except for one feisty little male who weighed just 8 ounces. At this tender age, we can say that all five puppies are still 'show prospects' in that there are no kinks, excellent ridges, and not too much white. Several of the puppies have white toes (Hadley has this feature, which frequently comes down from Donga, Ch Kimani's The Standard Image. One of the males, like Hadley, has rear dew claws.

We always give our puppies temporary names to facilitate conversation. The temporary names this time are:

  1. Vallejo (male)
  2. Hercules (male)
  3. Martinez (male)
  4. Cordelia (female)
  5. Napa (male)
Californians will recognize these as the names of several small Northern California towns. [Cordelia was also the name of Clayton's great grandmother.]

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