Lennox-Kaya Puppies, 3rd Audition

The audition photos were taken Saturday, May 8, 2010 with Cheri as handler. The following links bring up a page for each puppy with several photos and a brief video.

Males: Females Quantitative Evaluation

The evaluation was based on 100 points, using the categories of the Ridgeback Standard. In each category, the puppy I judged to be best in the litter was given the maximum number of points possible and the other puppies were rated lower by deducting points for features that I consider less than perfect. I gave two of the puppies perfect 20-point scores for ridge and these may as well be absolute scores because I have not seen better ridges anywhere. The heads are also generally excellent and several puppies were given perfect 15-point scores for head. In evaluating gait, I am obviously projecting, as these puppies are only seven weeks old. I am looking for signs that they actually do gait at least part of the time, rather than leap by bunny hop, and how soundly they move coming and going. I also look at the way they stop--how nearly their four feet describe a rectangle, because this says a lot about their balance.

Following are the total points for the ten puppies, as of today:

  • Poblano 82
  • Burrito 88
  • Nacho 88
  • Taquito 86
  • Fajita 82
  • Tostada 84
  • Salsa 83
  • Churra 92
  • Tamale 96
  • Pasilla 73