Hazel-Rugby Puppy Audition Photos; October 7, 2016

Following are side-stack photos only. Puppies are six weeks old today. Rugby's breeder-coowner, Nancy Faville, helped stack the puppies. Several show flagpole tail today who didn't only five days ago. She told us that she has seen this in Rugby puppies before--happy tails at about 6 weeks of age and by 8 weeks the tail carriage had returned to normal. Another big difference from five days ago is that they have all sprouted legs and are looking rather gangly. In addition, several have hippo bellies today.

Cinnamon, show boy:

Maple, show boy:

Fritter, pet boy:

Custard, show girl:

Glaze, show girl:

Jelly, show girl:

Sprinkles, show girl:

Pumpkin, pet girl:

Last updated October 7, 2016