The Dawn-Chip Puppies

Puppies born January 2, 2001

Page updated Saturday, March 17, 2001

Pedigree || Dawn || Chip

We are very excited about this breeding because of the outstanding pedigree. Dawn is half-sister of Ch Filmaker's Never Surrender FM, ROM, the top-winning Rhodesian Ridgeback of all time and winner of the 1998 RRCUS National Specialty Show. Chip has recorded four all-breed Bests in Show and is two-time winner of the RRCUS National Specialty (1995 and 2000).

The breeding was done by artificial insemination on November 1 and November 3. The pups were born on January 2, 2001, while Cheri and Clayton were on vacation in the Galapagos Islands. Our friends Lisa Barrenger and Greg Castillo attended Dawn during an easy delivery. There were initially six puppies, but one was lost during the first night. The surviving puppies are two males and three females. There were no dermoids or kinked tails. All five puppies have nice wide ridges, but one female has slightly offset crowns and also a white leg that would disqualify her as a show dog in any event. The other four puppies, two male and two female, are show potential.

The puppies from this litter have all been placed. Our new Camelot puppy owners are:


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