The Artie-Ruger Puppies

Litter born December 6, 2004
Page updated Saturday, February 12, 2005

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The sire of the litter is BIF Ch Camelot's Promise to Bakari, SC (Ruger), currently one of America's top-ranked Rhodesian Ridgeback show dogs. The dam is Ch Camelot's Mistress of the Hunt (Artemis). It is Ruger's 3rd litter and Artie's 2nd. You can see some photos of puppies from previous litters at the following sites:

Artie went into labor at about 8 am on Monday, December 6. She was restless all day, nesting in various sleeping crates in the house and the whelping box, which is located in a spare room adjacent to our bedroom. About 6 am she began so show some distress and passed some dark discharge. This went on for about an hour and at 7 am she delivered a stillborn female puppy (full show ridge). After this poor start, her deliver became more normal and she delivered three more very robust puppies at 7:30 pm, 8:45 pm, and 9:30 pm. The three live puppies were two males and a female, all large (birth weights of 19-21 ounces). The puppies all have show-quality ridges and no apparent faults. All three puppies are light in color, like their sire.

Photos at various ages:

First week photos
December 21, 2004, two weeks old
December 27, 2004, three weeks old
January 1, 2005, three and one-half weeks old
January 9, 2005, five weeks old
January 15, 2005, six weeks old
January 16, 2005, first audition
January 23, 2005, seven weeks old
January 26, 2005, second audition
February 6, 2005, playtime and Holly's new owner
February 12, 2005, playtime and Latka's and Dreidel's new owners

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